Rhetoric Stage Classes

Government/Econ class

HCS, $300 Sem.

Not offered for 23-24 school year

This class will explore the American government for one semester and economics for one semester.  The class focuses on reading from the assigned text, socratic discussion, class participation, weekly current events, group and individual projects, personal finance implementing Dave Ramsey principles and essays based on assigned text or internet study.  This courses is open only to Heritage Christian Academy students.  The cost stated on the attached flyer is $320 and is the normal fee for this course.  It has been discounted for Heritage students.  The cost is correctly recorded above for HCS students.  Go to  www.hcssd.org for additional information about HCS.  

High School Comp/Lit Class


$360 per semester

Wed. 12:45-1:55 (correct time)

In literature and composition, students will learn literary analysis skills and put them into practice as they study and write about 8-9 great works of classical literature. MLA format, literary terms, and vocabulary will all be taught or reviewed. There will also be penetrating and reflective Socratic-style class discussion for each piece of literature.  

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HS American Hist/Lit/Comp.

Online via Zoom

$350 Sem.

Thursdays 8-9 am, online

Just as our motto states, this class teaches history through text, literature, and writing.  Integration of all three subjects helps to make the subject of history more cohesive, more comprehensive, and more enjoyable for the student to grasp. Students will research, explore and discuss the formation of this nation and the different aspects that have made America the nation it is today using text, historical fiction, and essay writing.  Email mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com to register

British Literature


Thursday 12:45-1:45

In high school British literature students will build on literary analysis skills learned in High School Composition and Literature and further put them into practice as they study and write about 6-8 great works of classic British literature. MLA format, literary terms, online research, author study, study of the region of the world that influences the authors writing, projects to further study the literature, and vocabulary will all be taught or reviewed. There will also be penetrating and reflective Socratic style class discussion for each piece of literature. Register by emailing mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com



FRIDAYS 2:30-3:30PM

Using The Creative Writer Level Two by Boris Fishman, students will study several aspects of writing and ultimately craft their own short stories.  They will learn a few tricks of the trade and examine what recognized authors do to get their work published.  By the end of the semester, students will have the confidence and know-how to become a published author.  To register, email mrsrandle@classicalintegratecourses.com 

 For any further questions, please contact us directly at mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com  

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