Dialectic Stage Classes

Middle School American History Combo Class

Spring Valley, $340 per sem.

Tuesday 1:30-2:30

Students will explore American history and literature and write about the era based on information from text and novels.  In addition to researching and studying each era within American history, they will write a variety of essays including persuasive, expository, critique, and analysis focusing on the 5-paragraph essay.  Students will explore vocabulary, literary devices, spelling, author study, as well as different aspects of literature such as plot, conflict, setting, etc. throughout the school year. Register at Mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com

Creative Writing Class

HEC, $250 semester

Fridays 1:30-2:30 pm 

Using The Creative Writer, Level One: Five Finger Exercises by Boris Fishman, students will study several elements of writing such as plot, dialogue, character, observation, setting, and more to ultimately craft their own short story.  Students will also examine what recognized authors do to become published writers.  By the end of the semester, students will have the confidence and know-how to become a published author themselves.   Register at www.homeschoolenrichmentcenters.com 

Ancient History-Based IEW/Lit

HEC Bonita Campus, $340 per sem.

Wednesday 8:45-9:55am

Students will explore the world of Egyptian pyramids, Roman culture, Greek gods, mythology, ancient wars, and famous historical figures of the the Ancient World, while learning to write using the Structure and Style writing method.  A wide variety of adventures will supply a rich foundation for imaginative and enjoyable writing.  Students will also delve deeper into the ancient world with living literature to make their experience come alive.  This class will cover history and english for your dialectic level students. Register by emailing: Mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com

Wonders of Science IEW Writing Class 

Spring Valley, $250 per semester

Thursday 2-3 pm  

In this engaging class, using IEW's Wonders of Science Writing workbook, students compose essays about fun science-themed topics and famous scientists while they learn to write with structure and style.   To Register email Mrs. Randle at mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com

 For any further questions, please contact us directly at mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com  

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