Do you accept charter funds?

Yes, I am a vendor for several charter schools, willing to add more as necessary and will accept charter school funds for all classes except the Government/Econ class taught at HCS. Only private funds paid directly to HSC will be accepted for that class.

How much do you charge for classes or private tutoring?

Private tutoring is $35 per hour. Semi-private tutoring, 2-3 students, is $20 an hour per student. A class is 4 or more students and runs $15 per hour. Integrated history courses are charged at a higher rate, $20 an hour, because they incorporate 3 different subjects and can be recorded as such on your student’s transcript. In addition, the high school class at HEC that is held two days a week is $24 an hour. Class prices are listed with each class.

I’m not sure where my child should begin, how can I figure that out?

Email me and we can discuss it. If you have a struggling or reluctant writer, its best to choose a class slightly easier than their level. If it’s too challenging it may only serve to discourage them and increase their reluctance to writing.

If I private pay, is my deposit for the class refundable?

If you private pay for classes or tutoring, your deposit is used to secure your students seat in class and may prevent another student from enrolling and taking your students seat. Therefore, if circumstances prevent follow through of full enrollment, your deposit is not refundable.

How will online classes be conducted?

We use the Zoom platform for classes and Google classroom for class management of assignments, announcements and homework submission.

I feel like my student is behind, how can I help them catch up?

Who do you feel like your student is behind? One of the reasons homeschooling is so effective is because your student does not and really should not have to compete with anyone else’s level as every student learns at their own pace. Grade levels listed are only a suggestion, and your student should be placed where they and you, as the parent, feel most comfortable.

For your 2-day class, is it ok if my student only comes one of the days if they have a conflicted schedule?

It is always best for your student to attend all scheduled classes so that they will not fall behind. However, if you as the parent believe that your student can handle staying abreast of all of the assignments and reviewing any missed classroom lessons on their own, then it is not a problem. However, you will still need to pay the full 2 day semester fee since your student is occupying a seat in the class which would otherwise go to a student who would normally do both days.

If I am paying with charter funds, should payment be submitted for the full semester price or a monthly cost?

If you are using charter funds, the order for payment should be submitted for the entire semester cost. In addition, if paying with charter funds, your student must submit the enrichment certificate for the class by no later than the first day of class. Unfortunately, if you fail to submit the certificate by the date specified, your student will not be permitted to attend class until the certificate is submitted.

I have some funds available on my charter school account, but not the full amount for your class. Can I pay some out of pocket and submit an order for the balance to my charter school?

If your charter school allows you to submit for funds according to the funds you have available in your account, then it is permissible by Classical Integrated Courses. However, the out of pocket portion will need to be paid up front no later than the first day of class and the enrichment order showing the balance will need to be turned in by the first day of class as well.

If I am signing my student up for a class held at HEC, HCS or Soaring Minds classes, do I sign up on this website or on their site?

If you are signing up for a class held at one of the sites listed above, please sign up on their websites. HEC - www.homeschoolenrichmentcenters, HCS - https://www.hcssd.org

For any further questions, please contact us directly at mrsrandle@classicalintegratedcourses.com

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