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"My son, Rocco, was in LaChrisha Randle’s IEW writing classes for two years (5th and 6th grade) and they were some of the best classes he’s ever taken. She provides clear, meaningful instruction, encourages classroom participation, and maintains a structured class environment—even with challenging students, like my son. Over the two years, Rocco greatly improved both as a writer and a student and I’m grateful to have been recommended LaChrisha’s classes." My son says, “Mrs. Randle is really nice and has patience a mile long which I can prove because she’s able to keep up with me!” -E. Fazio, parent & Rocco, student

“Mrs. Randle helps break down writing and brings to life creativity in students of varied ages and abilities”. -S. Wolfe, parent

“I love your class! Not only are you relational, but your class times are always enjoyable. Your class encourages growth mentally and of course academically. Everything you teach is highly applicable and equips for life outside of the classroom. Thanks for all your hard work!” – Olivia, student

"First, I love the IEW model for writing, but more importantly love LaChrisha as an instructor. My son is not a writer, nor is he an easy student yet he continues to grow in her class. I can send him to class and trust that he is receiving quality instruction. She is knowledgeable, patient and cares about their individual growth. I highly recommend Mrs. Randle." -C. Bezeau, parent

“…getting my kids to actually write anything well for me has been a great struggle. Mrs. Randle provides rigorous instruction and opportunities to write analytically, creatively and persuasively.” -K. Vent, parent

“Our daughter took a combo middle school course with Mrs. Randle during her first year as a homeschool student. We are so thankful for the opportunity that Mrs. Randle provided for our daughter. She helped fill a gap that was absolutely needed in her education and excel her to new levels that prepared her for this coming fall. We look forward to another year of classes with Mrs. Randle.” -L. Porter, parent

“The IEW writing classes that Mrs. Randle teaches helped my kids, ages 11 and 15, actually enjoy writing. The techniques the program offers helps my kids think of better wording to use to make their writing more interesting. I struggled to get my 15-year-old to do any type of writing. He says that Mrs. Randle motivates him to write. She encourages him to think about using different wording and techniques. His IEP teacher says his writing has improved. Thank you for helping my kids enjoy writing. They look forward to taking your class.” -L. Torres, parent

“Before I took a history/lit class with Mrs. Randle, I didn’t care for history or reading. Taking a class with her opened a new world for me. Now one of my pastimes as well as two of my favorite college courses is history and literature. I never realized how interesting and exciting history and literature could be. Mrs. Randle had a huge part in opening my eyes to that.” -E. Cecil, student

“Mrs. Randle’s classes have been absolutely amazing! My daughter took her IEW US History class and learned so much about writing structure and dress ups and often uses those same tools for her honors classes in high school. My son doesn’t exactly love language arts, yet he has still improved exponentially in his writing, not only in his written articulation, grammar, punctuation and structure, but also in his own style of writing. Instruction and expectations are clear and my son has majorly benefited. I can see that he has grown to be proud of his work now! We can’t wait for part 2/year 2 of his Narnia writing class!” -A. Santos, parent

"Coming from a mother's perspective, who understands writing but wasn't sure how to teach it effectively, I am extremely grateful for LaChrisha and the IEW curriculum. I had tried to teach IEW history to Caleb a couple years ago, but I didn't really understand how to teach the curriculum and so it was somewhat frustrating for both of us. I have seen HUGE improvements in his writing, his attitude towards writing, and his understanding of writing concepts. Without LaChrisha's expert guidance, I'm not sure that would have ever happened. And I know Caleb agrees because when I signed him up for a fall writing class he didn't moan and groan! I think LaChrisha is an excellent teacher who is fun and engaging, but who is also professional and demands excellence out of her students. I highly recommend taking one of her classes!" -T. Tackett, parent

"Mrs. Randle taught high school literature and composition for my daughter last year. Mrs.Randle is a stellar educator. She is organized, thorough, and an excellent communicator. I unreservedly recommend her! With a minor in English literature myself, it was refreshing to know my daughter was being taught at a college preparatory level and beyond. She will continue taking classes with her this year as well as my younger son. I couldn’t be more pleased with her methods and content." -M. Hardy, parent

"It's been a pleasure having Mrs. Randle as an IEW instructor. My son has taken 3 different courses with her, and they all have helped him grow in his writing skills. He was able to take a 2 week summer course with her, which especially prepared him for his first year of Essentials (a Classical Conversations class). I totally recommend taking an IEW course with her before entering an Essentials class; my child felt comfortable with the material and wasn't lost! I also recommend this curriculum as it helps reinforce the skills previously learned, and with time the skills naturally are added into your child's bag of writing tools. " -C. Chavez, parent

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